Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Five Fingers update

Hi Guys,
At some point I mentioned that I would provide an update on the 5finger testing. Well its been a while and to tell you the truth I haven't been using them as much as I thought I would be. The first couple of runs in them went great (I only ran for about 20 minutes each time) but I noticed that I got a blister right on the seam where the upper is joined to the sole. Other than that I now can't tell the difference between 5Fingers/Newtons and a pair of Adizero RC race flats that I run in. I'm hoping that this is a good thing.

I did notice a difference between those 3 sets of shoes and a pair of Lunar Glides that I own. When running in them I still run on the forefoot/midfoot but it sounds like I'm landing a lot harder and louder than I am in the others, this may just be the shoe itself as its about the same weight as a Newton but the sole seems to be a harder material. I can tell this now as people are giving me space on the sidewalk when I approach them from behind whereas before people won't hear me until I was right up on them.

While out running yesterday at lunchtime, I saw a guy using the 5Fingers down around the CloverDale Pedestrian/Bike bridge and I thought that his feet must be freezing as it wasn't really all that nice out (around -5'C), the other thing I noticed about the runner is that he didn't seem to run like an antelope (as this is what I think of when I see people running with good form)

Light on their feet, good leg turn over, arms relaxed, back straight and head level.

About 1:10 in there is a clip of that graceful movement that I'm thinking of.


  1. I think the upcoming Five Fingers Bikila has a seamless upper which should address the (widespread) problem of seams causing blisters (particularly on KSO Vibrams).

    Assuming that VFF-shod runner's form was off, he probably should try taking off his VFFs and perfecting his form that way.

    Justin @ birthdayshoes

  2. Hi Justin,
    If only it was possible to run barefoot here in Edmonton at this time of year.. We still have snow on the ground (which doesn't appear to be going anywhere just yet)and I think I mentioned this in the post the temp was around -5'C the day I saw the guy out running in them.

    The blistering was my only problem. Thinking back it probably wasn't in my best interest to go swimming before starting my run.