Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sugar Cravings.....

Is it just me or do a lot of runners have sugar cravings? Yesterday I felt like the cookie monster due to the fact that I couldn't seem to get enough sugary things to eat.

This is what I had to eat on top of my normal everyday food. (remember spread throughout the day)
1 - Choclate Chip Muffin (from Second Cup)
1 - Yoghurt covered granola bar
2 - Mint chocolate cookie things
10 - (at least) Arrowroot and Vanilla Bean snaps? cookies

I wonder also if this is related to the amount of Coffe I drink daily?
1 - 12 cup pot of coffee a day... I do drink a lot of water to offset the coffee intake, at least 4 litres per day.

This is an ongoing battle I have been having for many years and for the most part if there is nothing sugary around to eat I'm good, I can do without. But lately its been getting the best of me and to tell you the truth I'm getting a little annoyed with myself for eating the crap as I know its not doing me any favours, its a quick pick me up and thats about it.

I've been thinking lately that I need to start taking something to take the edge off the cravings as I'm starting to feel that sugar is getting the best of me...Do I need help?


  1. Sugar cravings are perfectly normal for me; and I rarely deny those cravings as it is refined sugar only that can make me feel good when I feel that way. Yesterday I ate 4 peanut butter cookies, a handful of campinos, some dinosours and a variety of Christmas chocolates (someone keeps leaving them out at work).

  2. Basil - I ran with a couple of people on Saturday and they pretty much said the same thing. The thing is I want to try and get away from having these sugar binges.As there is more than enough sugar in normal food.

    There is a saying "you are what you eat"