Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Couple of things to bring me up to date

Chalk one up for the big guys,
This past weekend saw American Chris Solinsky become the first non African to break the 27:00 barrier for 10,000m this is a huge achievement. At the same meet Simon Bairu broke the Canadian record for the distance. What is also so great about this is and it looks to be a bigger story in the media anyway than the actual accomplishment is the fact that Chris is over 6ft tall and weighs quite a bit more than more Elite level distance runners. This is not to say that he’s a slob in anyway, if you look at the pictures of Chris running you can tell that he appears to have very little body fat.

So what should this tell us? To me it suggests that the preconceived ideas of what a distance runner should look like are to be taken and thrown out the window. I’m not saying a guy that weighs about 300lbs could run that fast, although those NFL or Rugby players can move pretty dang fast when they need too. It also suggests to me that Chris had people tell him he’d never be any good because... (insert reason here).... And that is something I can identify with.

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