Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Training Update - May 12 2010

It’s funny how things can change in the matter of a day or two. On Friday I did a fartlek type workout of 10 x 20 seconds with 1 minute recovery jog between and I was pretty much done for the day by the end. Some of the twenty second busts where uphill, most of them on rolling terrain through the River Valley, so I was pretty happy with that, on review of the run some of the 20 second bursts where at 2:30K pace. On Saturday I ran another 36K run this time by myself as my running buddies had a different workout planned. I ran over the same course as last week only I felt very good, so good in fact that I managed to run the distance at a pace that was twenty seconds faster per K than the week before. Not sure what I was thinking, might’ve been the gel that I took with me, all that sugar going to my head. 

Although I’ve been reading that Carboom is supposed to have less simple sugars than most of the other gels that are on the market plus the fact that I only used it sparingly, it took me the time to run 9K to finish it, so it can’t be that. It might’ve been the fact that I’ve slowly increased how much I eat during the week as well as the Pizza & beer that I had Friday night J or it really was that point in the training cycle that has me tired.

After the run I took the young fella for a walk around the lake at Hawrelak park. He was pretty excited and a maybe a little scared at first to see the birds, ducks and geese up close but by the time we got most of the way around the lake he wanted to touch them. It’s funny listening to him trying to talk, everything was a bird, or a car (including the ducks and geese).

I took Sunday as an day off from training. Since it was Mothers day I thought I’d spend it with the family that plus the fact that I haven’t taken a day off from training in the last 3 weeks nor can I remember when I took a Saturday or Sunday as a rest day.

So far this week my running has been going pretty well, it feels very easy to run even though I’m trying to slow myself down as I have a couple of workouts that I have to do this week. Including a race pace run on Saturday.

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