Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Couple of things to bring me up to date cont'd

My running
On Saturday I ran 36Kwith my training partner Marc, we left my place and then ran down the Whitemud Ravine until we hit the EPS Half Marathon course, followed that and then ran back up the Ravine. It was a great long run, felt pretty good throughout the run so I can’t complain much about that. I think Marc was running slightly better than I which is good for him as he’s running in the 5peaks race this weekend. Only one more long run to go.

On Sunday I ran a workout that I hadn’t been able to fit in during the week. I ran 10 x 800 and then took the same amount of time it took to run the 800 as recovery. The bad thing about this run is that I didn’t get going until midday when we put the young fella down for his nap. Then just after I got out the door it started raining which made the roads slick. As it was I had programmed the Garmin for 10 half mile repeats with a warmup and cool down, which made it 12 half mile repeats that I actually ran, I’m a slave to the beep on the Garmin. I felt great and flew through the workout, more than half of the repeats went slightly uphill on twisty trails around T Towne. I averaged 2:38 per half mile which initially I wasn’t happy about, but all things considered it wasn’t that bad.

I had a 11K tempo run scheduled for this week and since Sunday is Mothers day I figured I’d better get all my running in so that on Sunday we get to spent the day together. I started late (8:00pm) on the treadmill as I wasn’t going to risk a rolled ankle out on the roads after all of that snow froze, all I could run at my tempo pace was 30 minutes. 30 minutes you might say is not bad, and it’s not unless your plan calls for at least 45. So that was yesterdays running, today is a new day and you have to leave behind the training you did yesterday no matter how good or bad it went.

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