Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hey there,
Man I hate shovelling snow, it seems like every time I get the driveway clear it snows again. Does Shovelling count as an upper body workout? The things you do when living in Edmonton.

On Monday I started a training plan that should bring me into good condition for some indoor racing in March. Monday and Tuesday it called for a 14K run each day at a pretty easy pace. But on both days I was only able to get in 12K (at Lunchtime), due to the snowfall and the spectacular crash I had coming off the LRT bridge down by the Kinsman on Tuesday. The ramp off the bridge on the Kinsman side was pretty slick and even though I had slowed down so as not to fall, I still managed to come a cropper on the bend. Banging my elbow and my hip as well as ripping a new jacket that I only started wearing. Unfortunately these things happen in winter with the bad footing and the like. I’m sure there will be a few more falls yet this winter. (and no I don’t use those traction thingys on my shoes)

Monday (as well as a new training plan. Monday a day of firsts!!)I started a new training loop (for me at least). I ran from the office over to near the Shaw conference centre (not sure what area that is Jasper and 98th or 97th Street) and then ran down the side of that across the low Level Bridge down towards the Cloverdale bike bridge and then up the steep side 4 times and then back to the office. A good loop, which I will use more often.

Today was supposed to be a tempo run. I decided after yesterdays crash to go to the Y downtown and do my run there. Thinking 10 minute warm up and then 30 minutes at tempo and a 10 minute cool down. 10 minute warm up – Check. 30 minutes tempo – No. Instead I got in 18 minutes tempo and then the rest was recovery. I just didn’t have it today. Maybe it was the music I was listening too, or maybe (most likely) I warmed up at a faster pace than I should’ve and had run a little faster than I should’ve either Monday / Tuesday or both. Running tempo on a treadmill shouldn’t invoke fear, but I’ve got to say the this particular treadmill was moving from side to side almost as fast as I was running. Which as more than a little unnerving. This made me wonder if you can get motion sickness while running on the ‘mill?

Anyhow I’m off to the coast for a few days with the family, hopefully catch up with a few people and get some warm(er) weather running in, lets face it after this cold spell anywhere is warmer. I think it’s time to get back into the Newton’s. (I’m not sure if Newton’s + snow and Ice are a good mix, when normal running shoes with snow and ice aren’t always safe.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Enjoy Festivus for the rest of us. Whatever you call it, however you celebrate it at this time of year have a good one and be safe.

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