Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21 - Winter Solstice

Hey there,
Its the Winter Solstice today, which means that this is the shortest day / longest night of the year. In many ancient traditions this was a time of celebration due to the fact that from now on the days get longer and the nights shorter, a time of rebirth. It is also a day of reflection for many people, looking back on how the year 2009 went and how they can start to move forward on what to improve in 2010.

For myself there is always something to work on each year both inside and outside of Sports. Something to strive for, something that I need to improve as a person and as an Athlete. In 2010 the Athlete in me is going to work on being faster. Having more top end speed than in '09. Not that I was a slouch in '09 its just that I've noticed that once I get to a certain speed I can hold it pretty much there for a marathon, but in shorter races I don't have that speed that is needed to do well at the 10K type distance.

So in the first part of next season I'm going to be concentrating on running a good 10K/3K/1500m but I'll also be keeping that ability to run 10 miles and half marathon at a reasonable pace and then in the second half of the year working on my marathon times. By working on shorter races and getting faster at them, my 10 mile and half marathon times should come down as my 10k times improve.

Also in 2010 I hope to add more entries to this blog and give almost a daily insight to running in Edmonton throughout the year.

The pictures are of New Grange on Winter Solstice - from

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