Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December - Its cold and its snowing

Hey there,
Its December, its cold and its snowing. Being an import to Edmonton the first full winter I spent here was great I skied almost everyday. I ran in the morning and skied then in the evening. I was also unemployed at the time, which is great as an athlete as you get to train as much as you want and when you feel like it. but it sucks having no money for things. Now every year since I ski less and less and its at the point that I don't even bother anymore, I don't even take the home trainer out of the box.

Its not that I hate the cold as I'm out running in the river valley most days no matter how cold it gets. Its more to do with finding time to fit everything in. Some people like to run before going to work, some people like to run after work. But I like to run at lunch time, the only bad thing about this is lack of shower facilities in the building. I do try to clean myself up before heading back to my desk, but its not the same as a hot shower. If I could get up earlier to run I would. I think 6:00am is early enough to be getting up as it is. Once the days start to get longer and warmer I can face getting up earlier to run before work, but even then its not easy to run intervals after climbing out of bed.

The forecast high for Saturday and Sunday is -27'C (Saturday) and -24'C(Sunday). I'm thinking those will be treadmill days.

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