Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Advice - What do you do with it?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been seeking asking different people for advice on how they train for triathlons and each of them had a slightly different answer. Two of the best triathletes in Ireland who happen to be on the ITU circuit answered all three sports a day everyday or four workouts a day if you're not working. If doing three workouts a day you'd give one a higher priority than the other two,so on Monday you might choose the swim as your A workout of the day and on Tuesday the bike then on Wednesday the run and so on.

While the Age Group world champion at the 70.3 and a sub 9 hour at the Hawaiian Ironman suggested that one workout a day would be enough if you train for qaulity rather than quantity. Also since I have a full time job and a family I don't have the time to be training three or four times a day without it effecting either or both of the things that should be my top priorities. But a couple of things he mentioned I had to pass on as I wanted to keep my running at least five days a week and do running races.

Up until last week I was managing to fit in two workouts a day with an eye to doing three a couple of days a week (commuting to work by bike). So this is how I saw in my mind training would go. I broke it down into clumps of two weeks. I can always train when the little ones are gone to sleep, but come summer time I have to be done either before they start their sports or after.

When not on call
Monday - Run in the morning (easy)/Swim at Lunch/Bike (tempo)
Tuesday - Run at lunch (hard)/Ride my bike (easy)
Wednesday - Run in the morning (easy)/Swim at Lunch/Bike (repeats)
Thursday - Run at lunch (hard)/Bike (easy)
Friday - Run in the morning (easy)/Swim at Lunch
Saturday - Run or Cycle (long easy)
Sunday - Cycle or Run (long easy)

Saturday and Sunday are interchangeable days as I'm not sure what my weekend schedule looks like right now.

When on Call
Monday - Bike(easy)/Swim at Lunch/Run (easy)
Tuesday - Run at lunch (hard)/Bike
Wednesday - Bike(easy)/Swim at Lunch/Run 
Thursday - Run at lunch (hard)/Bike
Friday - Bike(easy)/Swim at Lunch
Saturday - Run or Cycle
Sunday - Cycle or Run

All of this training depend on how tired I am. Lately I've been feeling very worn out. I'm not sure if that is due to work and trying to train or not. But I never seem to be able to get enough sleep, so much so that on the weekends I've been getting between 10 and 12 hours of sleep per night only to wake up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep.

Maybe what I'm trying to do is a too ambitious with all of the other things that are going on with outside of training.

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