Friday, February 10, 2012

In a training funk

What is it about February? This month always seems to bring on the training funk or ennui. January not so much, maybe because its a new year with new possibilities, new challenges to meet. But February for all of the promise of January is like the hour or two after you've drank a can of coke - a bit of a let down once the sugar rush is gone.Winter is still here and never looks like it is going away, at least in Edmonton. Can a city bring on ennui or do people that are living in warm parts of the world have these feelings. I think not - think about how happy people are in summer - the sun is shining and its warm (there is a lot of sunshine in Edmonton... its not always warm though).

It must be something to do with the fact that winter is not over yet, even though the days are starting to get longer its still dark when I get up and its dark when I head home from work. There's always a part of me that just can't be bothered in February thinking that I have until May/June to get a good level of Fitness so there is no point in pushing it now, but there's also the part that of that says that fitness gained now will come in handy further down the road.

Part of what brings on the funk is constantly training alone I guess, Running, Cycling and Triathlon are individual sports but there is a social aspect that you don't get when you train by yourself, when with a group its easier to push yourself in each interval/set that you can let slide when doing everything solo. Part of it is the fact that I can't stand (for too long) training in the basement.The monotony, the boredom, the same DVD's that you've watched over the course of the winter.

But whats funny is that once March rolls in the funk is gone and its full on training regardless of being with a group or not.


  [ahn-wee, ahn-wee; Fr. ahn-nwee]  Show IPA
a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satietyor lack of interest; boredom: The endless lecture produced anunbearable ennui.

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