Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week ending December 4th 2011

This past week was a pretty good week training wise. Monday was forced off day due to work commitments, but the rest of the week looked like this.

Monday - No Running or training of any kind
Tuesday - 2K swim at lunch time followed by a 23K run home. The run broke down to 30 minutes warm up and then 10K at tempo pace followed by 30 minutes cool down. The Tempo portion wasn't run at a pace that I normally run a tempo in but that was due more to the roads being covered with really slippery snow and the route I chose not being the flattest around. Aside from the speed I could see afterwards that I was working hard as my pulse was around what it is when running a marathon.
Wednesday - 55 minutes easy running, felt very good on this run and so may have gone a little faster than I was supposed but it was still around my easy run pace.
Thursday - 55 minutes with 10 times 1 minute on and 1 minute off. These Fartlek workouts always feel good. I was a little tired starting this one so I didn't have any speed expectations. Just ran as hard as I could for 1 minute 10 times.
Friday - 55 minutes easy running, felt tired for this one and thought that it was due to my being out a little later than normal the night before. The wind helped keep my pace under control as it made it feel colder than it actually was.
Saturday - Long run with fast finish. I was hoping to run the last 10K at marathon pace but that didn't happen. Someone ordered snow over night, not a huge snowfall but enough to cover the trails again making footing a little trickier as now those slick roads/trails had a fresh loose layer on top. My training partner and I ran about 14K before turned on the pace, we were working hard for the 10K and at one point I noticed that the heart rate was hovering around where it would be when running at 10K pace not marathon pace. So I decided after about 4K so slow it done a little, plus I was suffering pretty badly. I dropped down from my 10K pace to marathon pace and finished the segment in about the same time as I did on Tuesday. Pace per K didn't really reflect how hard the segment was but pulse rates where bang on. Total for the day was 27K.
Sunday - Will be my usual 55 minute run on the treadmill, I take my son swimming in the morning and Sunday's are my morning to lie in (as much as a 3yr old and a 6month old will allow you) so runs are usually when the little guys go down for a nap.

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