Monday, December 12, 2011

Week ending December 11th 2011 (Week 7 of 12)

This past week was not a good week for training. For the first couple of nights my son had a temperature, so was up a couple of times throughout those nights making sure that he was alright. Then Saturday night/Sunday morning he woke 3 or 4 time screaming and crying only to not remember it  later on Sunday.

Monday - 55 minutes easy running, which was interrupted a couple of times by people waving me down and asking directions. Did a 2 minute abs thing is it a workout when its that short? 2 minute ABS
Tuesday - 60 minute core routine followed by what was supposed to be a medium length run home. But ended up being a long run, not in terms of distance so much but more to do with how long it took me. According to my Garmin I was out there for a lot longer than this run has taken in the past. Maybe I was abducted by aliens as I seemed experience lost time.
Wednesday - Took the day off as I spent the morning in the Dentists office.  Three hours in the chair and then the rest of the day sucking coffee through a straw or breaking sandwich's done into bit sized chunks do I could eat them. Having your teeth crowned is not pleasant experience.
Thursday - 55 minutes easy running, as I was still feeling a little beat up after the dentist.
Friday - Took the day off. Woke up this morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed last night and then I let work catch up on me and so decided to take it easy.
Saturday - Today was supposed to be the workout I put off on Friday. Well it was a sufferfest right from the beginning. I ran on my treadmill for the first T'mill workout (non easy run) of this build up. 15 minute warm up and then it was supposed to be 3x2miles with 4 minutes recovery. Well I did the first repeat and realized that it wasn't happening halfway through the second repeat so I modified the workout and then did 3x15-18 minutes increasing the speed by.5 mph every minute until I got to the fastest speed I could handle for the last 4/5 minutes and finished the workout with a 15 minute cool down. I cracked doing this one and not even the Ironman coverage could do anything for me.
Sunday - Ran my longest run for some time with a couple of buddies. 36K through the river valley at the crack O dawn, wasn't feeling great for most of the run and kind've drifted off the pace on a few of the early hills. But the run was pretty good overall, it wasn't that cold (only -5) but the wind was blowing which made it feel colder than it was. My GU Chews froze in my jacket which made eating them a bit of a chore, not sure if I'd use them again. Gel's have never frozen on a run before. So this week is over and so I have to move onto thinking about next weeks training.

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