Wednesday, June 9, 2010

World Cup 2010 starts on Friday.

The World Cup is about to start in South Africa and Adidas has brought out a new commercial for the competition. Check out this link.If you like Star Wars then you'll love this...

This also makes me ask who will you be supporting? that is if your team didn't make it to the finals. Since Ireland didn't get in due to that whole Thierry Henry fiasco I won't be supporting them. Most Irish people would probably tell you that they'll support any team other than England and now added to that very short list is France. But I wouldn't say that, the biggest league in football (sorry Soccer) is the premiership with the most of the great players and most of the money. If you think about it most (if not all) of the Irish players play in the premiership. Would it be so bad if England won the World Cup? To me it would just reinforce that the premiership is the place to be. England has lots of talented football players, but they have yet to recapture that element that made them great in the past.

When the world Cup comes around every 4 years I like to support the teams that could be considered under dogs or even teams that many people say don't have a chance of getting into the finals. But sometimes these teams can surprise you, sometimes its these teams that want it more than the established countries. So this year I'll try and make an effort to watch the games that African teams play in. First up is South African V Mexico on Friday 11th June.

Enjoy the show

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