Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of a blog

One of the many blogs that read/follow ended this last week or so. It’s a weird feeling to read what may be the last lines that the blogger may ever write. The Outsidein Blog from the Irish times was written by a man who came to Ireland and then wrote about his life there warts and all. I was able to identify somewhat with Bryan’s views and experiences as some of them reflected my own since moving from our small island to the great white north. Bryan’s blog questioned life in Ireland, he asked the question why is it like this, while we that lived and still live in Ireland have become desensitized to how dysfunctional it is at times. I like to think that at some point we were all like Bryan questioning everything until one day we just stopped questioning and started accepting that that is how it is. Yes, we’d voice outrage for a week or so but then we’d shrug our shoulders and say “what are you going to do about it?” and return once more to our own little “I’m alright Jack” worlds. I’m sorry to see Bryan finish up what was one of the best blogs that I’d ever read, I hope that Irish times can find someone to start similar blog.

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