Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm still here

It’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog...and there are a couple of good reasons why that is. I was still injured and didn't really get do anything during those months of any note, I still tried to train (not really much running) but on the bike and swimming. In May we welcomed a new addition to our family, a little baby girl to annoy our son when he’s a little older. Other times I have thought of something that I'd like to say but then my own laziness would stop me from doing it. So what else is new I hear you say.

Training Update: - I've been running pretty constantly since the beginning of April, been doing about 6 days a week running and one day (at least) of cycling and swimming. The cycling has been hit or miss so far as I thought I would have more done by this time of the year. The swimming has been going really well and I'm almost back to the same kind of times I was doing while training for Ironman - although to look at me you'd never think that..... Since I got injured I've really taken to swimming, I'm enjoying it considering that it was the thing that I really found hard to get back into for Triathlon training. Prior to the winter just gone the last time I did any swimming on a consistent basis was when I trained for Ironman Canada 2004.

Running - My running is coming along, although there are days when I feel like something the cat barfed up. But that is to be expected, you just have to keep chugging away at it and then it'll start to click. This year since it has taken me so long to get going again I've decided that I I'm going to slowly increase the distance of the races I do.....however my first race is going to be the Canada day 15K and then the rest of the races until September are going to be 10K's after that I'm still up in the air about what distances I'm going to run. I got a spot in the Chicago marathon in early October but I'm 99% sure that I won't be running as I don't think I'll have the training done to do it justice. 

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