Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update to last post

Update to last post.

I ran in the Newton shoes again on Canada Day and this time I came away with a PB for the 15K distance, I finished 7th(?) in a time of 54:01 which compared to last year when I finished 2nd in 54:41 is a big improvement.

I ran the 1500m at the Alberta Provincial Track Championships, since this is the first 1500 I've ever raced in the time wasn't that bad. 1st Place in 4:34, I ended up doing my cool down run in a thunder and lightening storm which was kind've cool. The next day I ran a 3000m race in 9:51 came second this time. All 3 results indicate that the fitness level is going up.

- Saturday and Sunday where also the first time I've worn track spikes, it felt good to be running in them. Looking forward to running in more track races this summer.

Happy Running

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